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Club Google Resources

Member Flight Hour Entry Form (members only please; monitored by HFC personnel)

Member Fuel Reimbursement Form (members only please; monitored by HFC personnel)

STC for Increased Weight in N1228M C-182P

HFC Meeting Minutes

HFC Fleet ICAO Flight Planning Codes

Aviation Weather

Weather Geographical Areas (pdf)

Windyty Winds and Cloud Bases on a Map!

FAA Advisory Circular... Weather Updated for the Modern World

EFB Related Information

iPad Pilot News Guide for ICAO Flight Plan Coding in Your ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot and Setup

Planning Tools

SkyVector Charts -- See those UAS Operational Areas graphically! Planning and Tracking


N7499C (Normal Category) ForeFlight W&B Profile

N7499C (Utility Category) ForeFlight W&B Profile

N1228M ForeFlight W&B Profile

N1310A ForeFlight W&B Profile

HFC Aircraft W&B Loading Summaries and Info

(Disclaimer: weight & balance profiles and info should be double-checked against the official documents in each aircraft.)

Sharing Flying

HFC Group on Facebook (Public Group, only members may post, moderated by HFC personnel)

Flights Above The Pacific Northwest - FATPNW (Only members can see posts)

HFC's Google Calendar with Flying Events

$100 Hamburger Destinations

Aviation Safety

FAA Advisory Circulars (ACs)

Vectors for Safety by Gene Benson

Aviation Safety Magazine

Oil Analysis for 10A


Live ATC

Mastering GPS Approaches (the

Airman Certifications Standards Information

ACS FAQ (pdf)

Online Flight Training Courses on